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Privacy and Health Records

Toronto privacy lawyer, Gil Zvulony appeared on CHCH’s Square Off to discuss unlawful disclosure of private health records and privacy breaches in hospitals.

Can you opt out of Facebook’s Terms of Use?

Can you protect your intellectual property and private information from Facebook by updating your status with certain legal language?

Privacy Breaches Are Usually Not Worth Much Money

Most minor privacy breaches will fall in the realm of small claims court jurisdiction.

User Based Insurance and Privacy

Toronto Privacy Lawyer, Gil Zvulony was a panelist at the Telematics Canada Conference 2014. Telematics are gps type devices that track a vehicle’s speed, location, and other vehicle metrics. Insurance companies are introducing these devices into vehicles as part of their “usage based insurance” programs.

Privacy, Tracking Devices, & Usage Based Auto Insurance

Toronto Privacy Lawyer, Gil Zvulony, recently discussed potential privacy concerns regarding the use of tracking devices used by some auto insurance companies.

Legal Rights in a Photograph

Toronto internet lawyer Gil Zvulony examines the various rights in a photograph, including, copyrights, moral rights, publicity rights and privacy rights. He discusses the rights of photographers, models, by-standers, celebrities, and of ordinary people.

Privacy Law: An Overview

by Shaya Silber As we move into an age where growing portions of our lives are becoming digitized, many holes are becoming apparent in these new information systems. A lot of these holes revolve around issues of personal information and privacy. Because this scenario is relatively new, many people including policy makers, academics, lawyers and […]

Privacy Law and the Workplace: Job Applications

  by Shaya Silber, Toronto Privacy Lawyer Employers have access to unprecedented amounts of information on their employees and job candidates. Many people, especially young people, don’t realize how much information they are publishing about themselves, and what the possible implications are.  The Onion posted a video about how every presidential candidate in 2040 has […]

Privacy Law: Intrusion Upon Seclusion

Toronto Privacy Lawyer Shaya Silber discusses how privacy law in Ontario has expanded to include the new tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion.

Privacy Law: Google and PIPEDA

Changes to Google’s privacy policy in March 2012 has raised many questions. Some of the most common concerns revolve around the fact that the information that Google collects from one service is going to be shared with its other platforms as well. Google made another major change by implementing one uniform privacy policy for most of its platforms.

In the News: Our Internet Lawyer Quoted in the Toronto Star

Our Toronto Internet lawyer’s opinion was recently featured in a Toronto Star article about a new Facebook feature. The article “Facebook launches ‘chat’ service to prevent suicides” appeared in the Toronto Star on December 14, 2011. You might like: In the News: Our Internet Lawyer Quoted in Toronto internet lawyer Gil Zvulony recently discussed […]

Privacy Law: License Plates

Toronto Privacy Lawyer discusses the privacy law implications of the collection and storage of license plate data by businesses.

Cloud Computing: Everyone is Doing it!

The use of cloud computing is growing. This article looks at the legal and privacy implications of cloud computing for businesses.

Privacy Policy: Why Your Website Should Have One

by Shaya Silber At a time where a vast amount of commerce and communications take place in cyberspace, everyone who is involved must be conscious of the information that they are sharing about themselves, and collecting about others. Disclosing personal information, or using someone else’s information for unauthorized purposes can have devastating consequences. A privacy […]

Protecting your Private Information in Ontario

As we move forward into an age where growing portions of lives are becoming increasingly digitized, many holes are becoming apparent in these new information systems. A lot of these holes revolve around issues of personal information and privacy. Because this scenario is relatively novel, many people including policy makers, academics, lawyers and so on, are grappling with the consequences; and more importantly, with avenues by which to remedy apparent wrongs.

Are Browse Wrap (Terms of Use) Agreements Binding?

It is increasingly common for websites to include “Terms of Use” agreements. These agreements set out the terms and conditions to which the user must agree in exchange for using the site. A question that sometimes arises in the law is: how does one demonstrate that a user assented to the Terms of Use agreement?