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Our Toronto Insurance lawyers handle denial of insurance policies including: denial of fire insurance claims, denial of home insurance claims, denial of auto insurance claims, denial of private health insurance claims, and denial of business insurance claims.

Special Consultations

Our Toronto insurance lawyer gives consultations to people who meet the following conditions: a) you have an insurance policy, b) your insurance policy has been fully paid up, c) you have made a written claim for more than $10,000 and d) and that claim has been denied by your insurance provider in writing. Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange for a face to face meeting with a Toronto Insurance lawyer to discuss the merits of your case. The price of the first half hour of consultation is only $99.

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We will forward your question to a qualified and licensed Toronto Insurance Disputes lawyer that practices insurance law. We will will contact you promptly to discuss your case. This form is a request to meet a Toronto insurance lawyer and the use of this form does not create a lawyer-client relationship between you and any lawyer. Your personal information is protected in accordance with our privacy policy.