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Karen Zvulony, Toronto Civil LItigation and Lawyer

Karen Zvulony

Karen Zvulony

Toronto Civil Litigation & Employment Lawyer

About Karen Zvulony

Karen Zvulony is a well known, experienced and knowledgeable Toronto employment lawyer.  She has been  judicially recognized as authority in employment law.  Ms. Zvulony provides experienced legal counsel to both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law. Ms. Zvulony prides herself on providing her clients with strategic, effective and practical advice.

Karen is an experienced employment law advocate. She regularly appears before the Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, Human Rights Tribunal, Ontario Labour Relations Board and various administrative tribunals relating to employment and human rights matters.

In addition to a wealth of employment law experience, she has extensive experience in representing clients who want to challenge their lawyer’s bill.  In one case, she was successful in having a lawyer’s bill reduced by a whopping $124,000 (See: Winning Result: Lawyer’s Bill Reduced by 95%).

Karen also represents businesses that have received provincial regulatory offenses such as Liquor License Act violations from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission as well as representing clients who have been denied their claims by Insurance companies for fire, home, private health, business and/or auto policies.

“I believe in sticking up for what is right and fighting for the under-dog.”

-Karen Zvulony

Karen’s sense of justice was evident from a very young age. At the age of fourteen, she got a job at a local ice cream parlour.  Her employer refused to pay her the wages owed to her.  Her employer told her that they did not pay for “training” hours. She did not think that was fair. After trying to resolve the situation with her employer, she filed a complaint with the Labour Relations tribunal. She did this on her own initiative, without any adult assistance. Her employer had little choice but to pay Karen her wages.  Her employer also had to change his unfair labour practices. Quite an impressive victory for a young teenager.

Employment Law

Judicially recognized as an authority on Employment Law

Negotiated substantial increases in the severance payments offered by employers

Dismissed a multi-million dollar lawsuit launched against Karen’s client by her former employer (with costs paid to Karen’s client),

Successfully defended a lawsuit where the client’s former employer sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and an injunction for breach of fiduciary duty, solicitation of clients and misappropriation of confidential information.  The action was dismissed, with costs payable to the client by his former employer.

Effectively negotiated a very generous severance package for a long term employee whose employer terminated her for cause with no severance.

Provides strategic and effective advice to employers including contemplating terminating its employees or changing the terms of employment of its employees

Obtained a favorable settlement for an employee who sued his former employer for constructive dismissal following changes to his position.

Secured payment for a terminated employee whose employer refused to abide by the terms of the employment contract

Appeared before the Court of Appeal and succesfully argued against a former employer who alleged that Karen’s client breached the terms of settlement

Insurance Law

Denial of Insurance Claims

Successfully secured payment for a client whose vehicle was stolen after the insurance company refused to pay the claim

Favorably resolved a lawsuit against a large insurance company by securing payment for clients after their cottage burned down and the insurer denied  the claim

Succesfully defended a lawsuit alleging that our client committed arson and was responsible for the fire

Assessment of Lawyer’s Bills

Represents clients who want a judicial assessments of their lawyer’s legal bill.

Successful in having a lawyer’s bill reduced by a whopping $124,000 (See: Winning Result: Lawyer’s Bill Reduced by 95%).

Liquor Licence Act

Represents Liquor License holders

Defence against charges by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commision of Ontario

Liquor License Act violations

Challenge of Liquor License suspensions and revocations

Civil Litigation

Commercial Disputes

Debt Collection

Breach of Contract

Libel and Slander

Rave Review about Karen

“I asked Karen Zvulony to represent me in court on extremely short notice.  With her hard work and dedication to her profession she was able to astonishingly put together a very organized case. Karen was always available for consultation at my convenience.   I was very satisfied with her representation in court, her dedication to myself, and my family, her professionalism and knowledge of the law.   Karen successfully represented me against a large corporation due to her outstanding negotiating skills.    I would recommend Karen Zvulony to anyone who needs an aggressive lawyer that will get you what you deserve.”    

– Melanie McVey


Toronto Employment Lawyer, Karen Zvulony was cited as an expert in employment law and the law of just cause by The Globe and Mail.  You can read the article here.


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