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Toronto, Canada

Notary Public Services in Toronto

Since 2002

We are pleased to offer professional notarial services to the general public. We are qualified lawyers, called to the bar in the Province of Ontario. We are appointed as notaries public by the Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario) under the Notaries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. N.6. We have extensive experience in document notarization and certification.

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Fast & Friendly

We strive to assist you in a fast, friendly and efficient manner. We have many satisfied clients. We have notarized thousands of documents and have extensive experience in document notarizations.

Price List

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  • Notarization
    The notarization/certification of a document by a notary public
  • Commissioning of an Oath
    Commissioning an Oath or Solemn Declaration
  • Mobile Notary
    call for quote
  • Notarized Fingerprint Services
    Includes: the verification of  the identity of the person giving fingerprints, ink based fingerprints of all fingers on paper, a notarial certificate verifying the identification and fingerprints of the person making the fingerprints.
  • Consent Letter to Travel
    Includes the drafting of the letter and notarization of signatures

US Notarizations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our notaries public are registered with the United States of America consulate in Toronto as notaries public who are qualified to notarize documents to be used in the USA.

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Please make an appointment with us by calling: 416-483-3500 or by using the form below. Same day short notice appointments are usually available.

Appointments Recommended

We recommend that you make an appointment to ensure fast service and that a notary public is available to assist you.

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00.


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