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In the News – Online Obscenity

Toronto Internet Lawyer discussed the legality of posting the Luka Magnotta video on the Best Gore website with the national and international media. Mr. Zvulony took the position that the posting of the video violated Canada's obscenity laws.

In the News: Our Internet Lawyer Quoted in

Toronto internet lawyer Gil Zvulony recently discussed some of the legal requirements for businesses to make their websites accessible to the disabled. The article can be found on

Cloud Computing: Everyone is Doing it!

The use of cloud computing is growing. This article looks at the legal and privacy implications of cloud computing for businesses.

In the News: Our Lawyer on CTV News

Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently appeared on CTV News to discuss the growing problem of online defamation.

Web Accessibility Law in Canada

Toronto Internet Lawyer discusses how the law may require websites to be accessible to the disabled.

Publicity Rights in a Photograph

Publicity rights are rights that protect the commercial value of a person’s celebrity status. Publicity rights are sometimes referred to as personality rights, and the two terms are often used interchangeably.
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The Legal Implications of Blogging at Work

The web log, or “blog,” an online diary where a person publishes his or her thoughts and opinions, is one of the most popular forms of expression on the internet. It has been estimated that one in seven people has a blog nowadays, and while many of those people are college students or bored celebrities, some bloggers have jobs. And for some of them, it is starting to seem like blogging might put them in danger of losing those jobs.

The Internet Lawyer’s Toolbox

Below are links to various internet resources that I use on a regular basis. I find them indispensable to my internet law practice and thought I would share my favourites with the public. Of course, the links are provided for convenience only and I or the law firm do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or fitness for a particular purpose of the links and the information contained on any third party websites. If you have any suggestions for this page then feel free to contact me.
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Lawyer Drafted Terms of Use for Your Website

Many websites have Terms of Use agreements that set out the terms and conditions for using the website. These agreements can be an effective tool in limiting a website owner's potential liability.