On December 12, 2012, Gil Zvulony will be speaking to a group of lawyers and other legal practitioners at the Commons Institute’s annual Solo and Small Firm Summit 2012.

Mr. Zvulony will discuss how technology can be used to improve client communication.  The program has been accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada of the Law Society’s CPD requirement.

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony was quoted extensively in the media regarding the case of hockey player Mike Zigomanis and the posting of nude photos claiming to be him on a US website by an anonymous poster.

Some of the articles can be found here:

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently appeared in several media sources to discuss the sharing of RIDE locations on Facebook or Twitter.  RIDE involves police spot checks where vehicles are stopped and drivers are checked for impairment. Gil discussed how the law, as it currently stands, does not prohibit such activity.

“Once you think about making it illegal, you get into all sorts of problems. If tweeting it is illegal, then what if you text it to someone? What if you text it to five people?” said lawyer Gil Zvulony, who specializes in Internet law.

Gil Zvulony was a guest on the Mike Bullard Show on December 16, 2011. Gil referred to a court case involving the flashing of someone’s high beams to warn drivers of a speed trap.  The high beam flasher was found not guilty of obstruction of justice. A podcast of the show may be downloaded here.

On December 28, 2011 Gil appeared on CBC News to discuss the topic.  The broadcast and related article can be found here:

RIDE checkpoints revealed on Twitter

On Dec 27, 2011 Gil was quoted on the front page of the Globe and Mail in

Police fight back against tweets that reveal RIDE checkpoints.

Toronto IT Lawyer Gil Zvulony legal opinion was recently quoted in two articles on the legal implication of using a financial aggregator site like,  You may read the articles here:

I recently used Zvulony & Co to settle a collection dispute. Gil and his team were very professional and a true pleasure to deal with. Gil negotiated a very fair settlement on our behalf and we received payment within weeks of our first meeting.  Thanks Zvulony and Co!

Troy Lamsee
Co-Founder / CEO
ShopDineTour Toronto

Sincere thanks for such quick service and fantastic results ! I truly appreciate your expertise and commitment to rectifying this issue. I’ll certainly contact you again if a similar issue emerges.

– Japanoramic Scenes

We recently engaged Gil Zvulony to review the legal disclaimers found on a Resources Research website we are developing.  Through my financial and litigation related consulting activities I have dealt extensively for over 40 years with senior corporate and litigation counsel in Canada and elsewhere, and hence believe I have a sound basis for my following comment.

Simply put, from my perspective Gil has done excellent work for us.  At all times he has been thoughtful, thorough, time responsive, and conscientious.  As well, I consider his fees to be very reasonable in the context of his work product.  I expect to continue to engage him as our website project moves forward, and highly recommend him for the type of website legal advice he provides to us.

Ian R. Campbell
Founder and Senior Director, Campbell Valuation Partners Limited

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Gil Zvulony’s opinion was recently sought by Law Times regarding a British Columbia defamation and privacy case.   You can read the whole article here:$40K-for-privacy-breach

Zvulony & Co. obtained a precedent setting judgment.  A Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered a former executive living in Ontario, to pay more than $200 million US dollars to aggrieved investors. The judgment is believed to be the highest ever awarded by a Canadian court. “To my knowledge, a judicial award of this magnitude is unprecedented in Canada”, said commercial litigator Gil Zvulony, the Toronto lawyer representing the investors. “The interest alone is almost $30,000 per day”.

In July of 2005, the investors obtained a judgment in a United States securities class action lawsuit for securities fraud, against Kenneth W. Winger. Mr. Winger was the director, CEO, and President of Safety Kleen Corporation. The investors then sued Mr. Winger for recognition and enforcement in Ontario of the $192 million US class action judgment and approximately $8 million US in accumulated interest. Mr. Winger argued, among other reasons, that recognizing and enforcing the US judgment would be contrary to the public policy of Ontario because the amount of the judgment was “astronomical”.

On March 14, 2007, Mr. Justice Hoilett dismissed Winger’s argument as “irrelevant” and granted judgment in favour of the investors for the full amount, in the case of State Street Research Income Trust et al. v. Winger (Ontario court file #05-CV-302523 PD1). “This decision highlights, in a dramatic form, how far Canadian courts have come in recent years to recognizing and enforcing judgments from United States courts.”, said Mr. Zvulony.

Read the Law Times article Ontario Court Enforces $192 million American Judgment.

UPDATE Sept 12, 2007 – A panel of three justices of the Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed Mr. Winger’s appeal to have the decision of Justice Hoilett dismissed. Mr. Zvulony successfully defended the class of investors before the Ontario Court of Appeal.

DISCLAIMER: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Toronto Defamation Lawyer  Gil Zvulony successfully defended a defamation case by convincing a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to throw out the case for being fundamentally defective.  The plaintiffs had sought over 2 million dollars in damages for libel and slander, interference with economic relations and conspiracy to injure.  Mr. Zvulony successfully attacked the Statement of Claim on technical reasons.  He argued that the Statement of Claim did not comply with the strict rules of pleadings in defamation cases.  The Statement of Claim made broad allegations of wrongdoing without being specific about what was said and by whom.

After hearing arguments but not hearing any evidence, the judge found that the Claim was fundamentally defective and dismissed the bulk of the case. Gil Zvulony said:

“This case highlights the unique expertise needed to handle defamation lawsuits.  When such a lawsuit is brought before the courts it must be clearly spelled out and conform to the technical requirements of pleadings. Broad and unspecific allegations of wrongdoing should not be tolerated in a Statement of Claim.  If defense counsel is presented with such a claim, usually the best move is to prevent the case from getting off the ground”

A copy of the decision may be found here: Defamation Case Dismissed.

DISCLAIMER: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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