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Contract Law

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying is highly applicable to limiting your legal liability on the internet.

Civil litigation (fighting a civil dispute in court) is a very expensive, emotionally draining,  time consuming, and often uncertain endeavour.  It should be avoided if possible.

A well drafted agreement that accurately reflects the intentions of the parties can be the ounce of prevention that will save you the need and pain of going to court.  Conversely, a poorly drafted agreement that is vague or silent on an important issue may end up being a nightmare that causes more harm than good.

Internet Contracts

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with the legal issues that commonly arise in e-commerce transactions or other internet related business activity.  If you are doing business on the internet, our lawyers can advise you on your potential liabilities and help you limit those potential liabilities.

Some agreements that we can draft, advise, negotiate, or litigate are:

  • E-Contracts
  • E-Commerce Agreements
  • Website Registration Agreements
  • Terms of Use Agreements
  • Website Disclaimers
  • Portal Agreements
  • Discussion Board / Forum Policies
  • Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Internet Advertising Agreements
  • Privacy Policies
  • Intellectual Property Licensing and Sale Agreements
  • Content Development Contracts
  • Website Hosting Agreements
  • Internet Service Provider Agreements
  • Employee Policies for email and internet use
  • Domain Name Transfer Agreements

If you would like advice with respect to an internet law related issue, feel free to contact one of our lawyers for a consultation.