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Copyright Lawyer in Toronto

Our Toronto copyright lawyers are experts in the complexities of copyright law.

About Gil Zvulony

Toronto Copyright Lawyer

Gil Zvulony has years of experience in the subtleties of copyright law in Canada, with a particular emphasis in new media, photographs, and computer software.

Some of Gil’s notable work includes, winning a precedent setting judgment of over $200 Million, having a multi-million dollar defamation suit tossed-out of court on technical grounds. Mr. Zvulony also represented a well known diet doctor in a high profile defamation case; where the presiding judge referred to Mr. Zvulony as “experienced and very capable counsel”. He is a sought after speaker on issues relating to technology and law. His opinion was even cited by Canada’s justice minister in defence of cyberbullying legislation.











“experienced and very capable counsel”

– presiding judge in Bernstein v. Poon

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Our lawyers have many years of experience in helping their clients with their copyright and intellectual property issues.

Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Rave Review

Gil Zvulony handled a case of copyright infringement on my company’s website and I was very pleased with every aspect of Gil’s handling of my case.

Gil is truly a tech savvy lawyer with a solid understanding of the Internet and the technologies that power it. My case was a complex one but Gil was familiar with or quickly grasped the issues and technologies involved. This saved me thousands of dollars as I did not have to educate a non-technical lawyer.

Gil is an excellent communicator and this made things very easy for me. He listened and took note of my needs and concerns. He was focused on delivering what I wanted. He clearly explained the steps in the legal process in a way I could understand and evaluate them.

Gil keeps to his word and he delivers on time what he has committed to. Gil works quickly and efficiently. I found the amounts billed to be reasonable and I also appreciated detailed accounts of what was billed. It was a pleasure dealing with Gil. He is a pleasant person with a friendly nature and a positive attitude. Thanks for all your help Gil.

-A Satisfied Client

Copyright Lawyers

Our lawyers are experts in the complexities of copyright and intellectual property law.

Gil Zvulony speaks about rights in a photograph.

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Toronto Copyright Lawyer

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