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Our Toronto commercial litigation lawyer has years of experience in commercial litigation.

About Gil Zvulony

Toronto Litigation Lawyer

Gil Zvulony has years of experience as a litigator in the Ontario Courts. He has experience handling litigation matters that range from the simple debt collection matter to complicated cross-border actions.  In all cases, Mr. Zvulony provides his clients with competent and strategic advice.

Some of Gil’s notable work includes, winning a precedent setting judgment of over $200 Million, having a multi-million dollar defamation suit tossed-out of court on technical grounds. Mr. Zvulony also represented a well known diet doctor in a high profile case; where the presiding judge referred to Mr. Zvulony as “experienced and very capable counsel”. He is a sought after speaker on issues relating to technology and law. His opinion was even cited by Canada’s justice minister in defence of cyberbullying legislation.

Gil Zvulony Toronto Lawyer

Experience Counts

Our lawyers have many years of experience in helping their clients with their commercial disputes.

Winning Result

Gil Zvulony won a precedent setting judgment against a former executive on behalf of a group of investors.  The Ontario judgment of over $200 Million US is believed to be the largest court award in Canadian history at the time of its award.  Read: Court Judgment may be Largest in Canada for the full story.  The defendant in that case appealed the judgment to a panel of three judges in the Ontario Court of Appeal.  Mr. Zvulony was also successful in the Court of Appeal.

Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.