FAQs Divorce Opinion Letter

If you were divorced outside of Canada and wish to get married in Ontario, you will need to provide a legal opinion letter: from an Ontario lawyer, addressed to both people who plan to get married, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in Ontario.We can provide you with such a legal opinion letter.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce Opinion Letters

 I like your special offer of $199.  What are your eligibility requirements for that offer.

To be eligible for this special offer you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • one of the spouses named in the divorce must have been “ordinarily resident” in the jurisdiction (state or province) that granted the divorce, for at least one year prior to when the divorce application was started;
  • one of the persons named in the divorce is the person hiring our Ontario law firm and that person must provide us relevant information using our secure online system;
  • You must provide us with the following (instructions on how to send that to us will be given if you fill out the form below):
    • A signed retainer letter.
    •  A notarized copy of the divorce decree OR the original court stamped copy of the divorce decree.   A photocopy or scan will be rejected.  If the decree is not in English, you will need to include a translated copy and an affidavit sworn by a certified translator.
    • A copy of your completed marriage application; (our office will not return this to you so be sure to give us a copy).
    • A copy of 1 piece of government issued photo identification of yourself i.e. a driver’s license, permanent resident card, or passport (our office will not return this copy to you) ; and
    • Payment of our fees

I live far away.  Do I need to attend your office?  Do I need to meet you face-to-face?

No, all communications can be done by internet and mail/courier.  You do not need to attend our law office.  You are welcome to come and meet us if you wish.

How do we go about receiving the Divorce Opinion Letter from you?

Once you have completed our questionnaire, you can pick up the letter at our office, we can mail it to you, or we can also courier it to you. There is an extra charge for courier.  Simply notify us of your preference in the questionnaire we send you.  To get a questionnaire simply fill out the form found at the legal opinion letter page. 

How fast can we get the letter of opinion regarding my foreign divorce?

We can have the opinion letter ready to be sent to you or picked up within 4 business days from when we get your documents and payment. We also have a rush service ($39.00 extra) available which is 1 business day from when we get your payment and documents.

 What is the cost for the letter of opinion regarding my foreign divorce?

The base fee is $199.00. Taxes, Rush Service, and Courier charges are extra.

 What are your methods of payment?

We accept Cheques, Interac Email money transfer, or by Visa or Mastercard.

 Can you provide me a legal opinion letter without seeing the divorce decree?


Can I provide you with a simple photocopy of the divorce decree?

No. We require a notarized copy of the Divorce Decree OR the Original court stamped copy of the Divorce Decree.

I do not have a divorce decree but I have a Divorce Certificate (Certificate of Divorce), will you accept that?


Does the Legal Opinion Letter expire?


My divorce decree is not in English what do I do?

We require that you provide us with a certified translation.