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The Law of Brain Injuries in Ontario

Brain Injuries

Hiring a Toronto Lawyer for a Brain Injury

A brain injury can often present complex legal and medical issues.  For instance, brain injuries cannot always be seen with conventional medical imaging.  Proving “mild traumatic brain injuries” can present unique challenges, and the injured person should ensure that the law firm that they hire has extensive experience handling these sorts of cases.  Proving the injury can often involve several costly medical assessments, and so injured persons should ensure that the law firm that they hire is financially capable of paying for and carrying those costs, through trial if necessary.

Brain Injury Effects

While a brain injury may be described as “mild” in comparison to more debilitating brain injuries, there is generally no such thing as a “mild” brain injury for most people.  The fact is that a mild traumatic brain injury can have far-reaching consequences for the injured person.  The injury could affect the amount of time that the injured person is able to work continuously or efficiently.  The injury could also cause significant fatigue and/or could affect the quality of the injured person’s work.  All of these could potentially have a very real effect on a person’s productivity, their ability to earn income, their relationships, or their ability to carry on a normal life.

Brain injuries, even mild ones, can cause anger, frustration, difficulties with concentration, memory and other serious problems.  The injured person and their lawyer will have to consider the possible future effects of the injury to ensure that the injured person receives enough compensation to allow the injured person to get the help that they will need in the future.

Help For People with Brain Injuries

There is help available to injured persons.  This includes initial legal consultation, medical assistance and other support.  Much of this can often be obtained without payment by the injured person.  If an injured person is considering a lawsuit, it is in their best interests to contact a lawyer immediately to ensure that they do not do anything that prejudices their rights in the future.  As well, they will want to ensure that they take steps before the expiry of any applicable notice and limitation periods.

Free Consultations with a Toronto Brain Injury Lawyer

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