Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently appeared in several media sources to discuss the sharing of RIDE locations on Facebook or Twitter.  RIDE involves police spot checks where vehicles are stopped and drivers are checked for impairment. Gil discussed how the law, as it currently stands, does not prohibit such activity.

“Once you think about making it illegal, you get into all sorts of problems. If tweeting it is illegal, then what if you text it to someone? What if you text it to five people?” said lawyer Gil Zvulony, who specializes in Internet law.

Gil Zvulony was a guest on the Mike Bullard Show on December 16, 2011. Gil referred to a court case involving the flashing of someone’s high beams to warn drivers of a speed trap.  The high beam flasher was found not guilty of obstruction of justice. A podcast of the show may be downloaded here.

On December 28, 2011 Gil appeared on CBC News to discuss the topic.  The broadcast and related article can be found here:

RIDE checkpoints revealed on Twitter

On Dec 27, 2011 Gil was quoted on the front page of the Globe and Mail in

Police fight back against tweets that reveal RIDE checkpoints.

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