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In the News – Online Obscenity

Toronto Internet Lawyer discussed the legality of posting the Luka Magnotta video on the Best Gore website with the national and international media. Mr. Zvulony took the position that the posting of the video violated Canada's obscenity laws.

Prevention of Proceedings that Limit Freedom of Expression on Matters of Public Interest

Below is Section 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act. This is Ontario's Anti-SLAPP law. For the official version check  the E-Laws site. Prevention of Proceedings that Limit Freedom of Expression on Matters of Public Interest (Gag Proceedings) Dismissal…

Top Ten Tips for Internet Defamation Victims

This article explores ten essential tips for dealing with defamation on the internet. It provides some simple and practical advice to people who have been libeled on the internet, including how to determine the severity of the defamation, whether the posting is defamatory, and whether it is worth suing over.

Bad Reviews and Defamation Law in Canada

Toronto Internet and Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony sat down with CBC's Carol MacNeil to discuss the legal issues surrounding negative online reviews.

Rob Ford Defamation Case

Gil Zvulony, Toronto Defamation Lawyer, recently spoke to Law Times about the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision in the defamation case of Foulidis v. Ford.  Gil Zvulony, noted the importance of naming the right parties in a defamation lawsuit,…

Online Reviews and Defamation

Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony was recently featured in a story Global News did about online reviews and defamation. Gil Zvulony gave some tips on writing a good review that could protect a reviewer from a defamation lawsuit.

What Not to Say on Social Media

City News recently dropped into Zvulony & Co. to speak to Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony about some dangerous words that should probably be avoided when talking about someone on the internet.
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Is it Defamatory to Publish that a Person Was Charged With a Crime?

Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony discusses defamation law and how it applies to the reporting that someone was charged with a criminal offence.

Defamation Cases Often Unrealistic

Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony was recently quoted by Global News.  He discussed some of the practical difficulties that victims of online defamation have in getting legal recourse. He was quoted as saying "[Victims] can pursue it…

Ontario Anti-SLAPP Bill Introduced

by Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony The Ontario government has introduced new legislation to combat lawsuits where the sole purpose of the lawsuit is to stifle free speech on a matter of public interest.  Such lawsuits have come to…

Removing Defamatory Search Engine Results

Toronto defamation lawyer Gil Zvulony spoke to the CBC on the problems of internet defamation and getting defamatory websites removed from search engines.