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In the News – Online Obscenity

Toronto Internet Lawyer discussed the legality of posting the Luka Magnotta video on the Best Gore website with the national and international media. Mr. Zvulony took the position that the posting of the video violated Canada's obscenity laws.

What is Criminal Possession?

Criminal possession is one of the most common set of charges in the Canadian justice system. Yet many Canadians do not know the legal definition of possession. This article will attempt to explain the definition of possession and the definition of its component parts in order to allow you to better understand possible defences to a charge of possession.

About Drug Treatment Court

Toronto drug offence lawyer answers some common questions about drug treatment court to help decide if it is something that will benefit someone accused of a drug offence. Those questions include: “What is drug treatment court?”, “Am I eligible?”, “What is the difference between drug treatment court and regular court?” and “How does an accused sign up for drug treatment court?”
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The Effect of Addiction on Sentencing in Drug Cases?

The effect of addiction on sentencing in drug cases can cause rehabilitation to be the top objective of the sentence, even though denunciation and deterrence are often the highest objective, as long as the judge believes that rehabilitation is possible and there is no mandatory minimum required by law.
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10 Facts About Sentencing in Drug Cases

Toronto Criminal Lawyer discusses some essential facts to know regarding sentencing in Drug Cases.
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Drug Offences Worst Case Scenarios

One of the most common questions I get asked by people accused of drug offences is, “What is the worst case scenario?” Receiving the maximum penalty is the worst case scenario for someone charged with only one count. But what about people accused of more than one offence?
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About Search Warrants

Toronto Criminal Lawyer discusses search warrants and how they must be based on specific and reliable information. Evidence obtained from an improper search warrant may not be admissible.

Can the Police Search Your Work Computer?

Can we expect privacy when computers are provided by our employers, and are occasionally accessed for personal use? Does the existence of a policy to search a work-issued computer diminish an employee’s reasonable expectation of privacy?
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Tips if Charged with a Drug Offence

by Toronto Criminal Lawyer Being charged with an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act can be a stressful and disheartening experience. Do not give up hope. This article is intended to be of some assistance.  I am a criminal…
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Criminal Law

Our Toronto Criminal Lawyer Can help you with the following: Highway Traffic Offences Careless Driving Dangerous Driving Reckless Driving Racing Failing to Remain No Insurance Driving While License Under Suspension Hunting…
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What is the Provincial Offences Act?

The Ontario Provincial Offences Act governs how charges are processed and prosecuted in the Ontario courts. The Provincial Offences Act applies to all Ontario statutes (and regulations), municipal by-laws, and some federal contraventions.