Free Parking

Visitor to our office are eligible for free parking. Our offices are in a mixed commercial/residential complex.

Go to 15 Greenview Ave.

Our offices are connected to a residential/commercial/retail complex on Greenview Ave. The entrance to our visitor parking garage is on 15 Greenview Ave, Toronto, ON.

Inform Security

Use the intercom found on the driveway of 15 Greenview Ave. to advise security that you are going to “commercial office unit 208”.  You may be asked for your license plate number.

Inform Security

Enter Southern Garage

There are two garages. One to the left (north) and one to the right (south). Be sure to enter the garage on your right (south).

Enter Southern Garage

Follow Sign To Commercial Parking Section

Once in the garage, go to the commercial visitor parking section.

Go To Commercial Parking

Park in a C Spot

Visitors to our offices may park in any of the spots designated with a “C”

Park in any “C” spot

Exit To 28 Finch Ave West

The exit to 28 Finch Ave West is found at the south eastern corner of the parking garage, near the commercial parking. The exit is marked with a sign “To 28 Finch Av W”

Exit to 28 Finch Ave W

Exit Parking & Enter Offices

Once outside, the entrance to the offices are to your immediate left (east).