Libel on the Internet – Scam, Fraud, Complaints, Reviews

Bad Review?  Accused of Being a Scam?  Malicious Complaint?

The internet is a powerful communications tool.  It give us the unprecedented power to communicate a message instantly to our friends, family, and the world.  The internet also empowers us to quickly reach a mass audience at a relatively inexpensive cost.  Unfortunately, this power of communication can be abused all too easily.

Internet Revenge Victims

Has someone accused you of being a scam, a rip off, or a fraud. Are Google results ruining your reputation?  Is your business being ruined by a malicious consumer complaint or someone seeking on-line revenge?

Gil Zvulony

[intlink id=”415″ type=”page”]Toronto Internet Lawyer Gil Zvulony [/intlink]is experienced in the subtleties of libel and slander law and reputation management techniques in Canada and how they apply to the sometimes wild west of cyberspace.

Mr. Zvulony is sought out regularly by the media and other lawyers for his opinions on defamation on the internet.