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Privacy and Health Records

Toronto privacy lawyer, Gil Zvulony appeared on CHCH’s Square Off to discuss unlawful disclosure of private health records and privacy breaches in hospitals.

Can you opt out of Facebook’s Terms of Use?

Can you protect your intellectual property and private information from Facebook by updating your status with certain legal language?

Privacy Breaches Are Usually Not Worth Much Money

Most minor privacy breaches will fall in the realm of small claims court jurisdiction.

Why Employers need an Employment Agreement

By Toronto employment lawyer, Karen Zvulony One of the best, and most cost-effective ways an employer can protect itself from paying costly severance and termination packages is by having a properly drafted and executed written employment agreement with its Employees that limits and outlines how much severance will be payable upon termination. As simple as it sounds, ensuring […]

Gil Zvulony’s Expert Opinion Cited by Federal Justice Minister

The federal government has introduced Bill C-13 ostensibly as an effort to address the problem of cyber-bullying. In November 2013, Toronto Internet Lawyer Gil Zvulony gave his views on the proposed legislation to the CBC. In a letter to the editor, Justice Minister, Peter Mackay, quoted Gil Zvulony’s opinion that “…there is a logical theme to all of this, in the sense that it’s trying to modernize [the code] for the digital age”.

Bad Reviews and Defamation Law in Canada

Toronto Internet and Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony sat down with CBC’s Carol MacNeil to discuss the legal issues surrounding negative online reviews.

Rob Ford Defamation Case

Gil Zvulony, Toronto Defamation Lawyer, recently spoke to Law Times about the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in the defamation case of Foulidis v. Ford.  Gil Zvulony, noted the importance of naming the right parties in a defamation lawsuit, and questioned why certain parties were not added to the lawsuit. The full article can be found […]

Online Harrasment

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony, recently spoke to CITY TV NEWS regarding a man who was convicted of harassing several women online.  Mr. Zvulony stressed that people need to be aware that online actions, such as stalking and harassment, can have real world consequences, such as criminal prosecution.

Coercion and Undue Influence in Making a Will

A common ground for contesting a last will and testament arises where a family member of the deceased feels that the deceased was coerced or manipulated into signing a last will and testament that they did not agree with or did not understand. This ground for a will challenge is known as “undue influence”.

What State of Mind is Needed for a Will to be Valid?

One of the most common legal grounds for challenging the validity of a last will and testament is by alleging that the person who made the last will and testament did not have the mental ability or mental capacity to legally make the last will.

Toronto Wills Lawyer Discusses Family Gifts

Toronto Wills and Estates lawyer examines the law of family gifts when someone passes away with or without a last will and testament.

Superman, Copyright and Jeffrey Baldwin

Toronto Copyright Lawyer, Gil Zvulony, recently spoke to Pat Bolland of Sun News about DC Entertainment’s refusal to allow the Superman logo to be displayed on a memorial statute of Jeffrey Baldwin. Gil was critical of the decision to refuse and questioned the legal validity of preventing such usage.

Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently spoke to the Business News Network (BNN) about Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  The law came into effect on July 1, 2014.  The law prohibits the sending of most commercial electronic messages without the prior consent of the recipient. General information about CASL can be found at:

Online Reviews and Defamation

Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony was recently featured in a story Global News did about online reviews and defamation. Gil Zvulony gave some tips on writing a good review that could protect a reviewer from a defamation lawsuit.

Policing YouTube

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently spoke to the national media regarding the ability of YouTube to monitor its videos for threatening behaviour.