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The Law on

Canadian Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony speaks about the law as it relates to websites like

Privacy, Tracking Devices, & Usage Based Auto Insurance

Toronto Privacy Lawyer, Gil Zvulony, recently discussed potential privacy concerns regarding the use of tracking devices used by some auto insurance companies.

Bit Torrent File Sharing and Canadian Copyright Law

Toronto Copyright Lawyer, Gil Zvulony recently spoke to Dan Misener of CBC Radio (listen to the podcast) on the legality of the movie streaming application, “Popcorn Time”.  Popcorn Time has been dubbed the “Netflix for Pirates” because of it’s very simple and user-friendly interface. Gil Zvulony’s legal opinion was that the application likely runs afoul […]

Legal Rights in a Photograph

Toronto internet lawyer Gil Zvulony examines the various rights in a photograph, including, copyrights, moral rights, publicity rights and privacy rights. He discusses the rights of photographers, models, by-standers, celebrities, and of ordinary people.

What Does Oridinarily Resident Mean

“Ordinary Residence” means the place where a person resides in the ordinary course of his or her day to day life, or in other words a person’s “real home”. A person usually will have only one place of ordinary residence. An ordinary residence depends on physical presence in a place for an extended and regular basis as well as an intention to live there on a more or less regular basis.

Remarrying After A Divorce

Getting Married in Ontario Those wishing to get married in Ontario need to obtain a marriage license from the government of Ontario.  In order to get your marriage license there are several government requirements that must be met.  See  the Ontario Government’s website for all the details: Remarrying After A Divorce Where one of […]

What is Pain and Suffering Worth?

Toronto Personal Injury lawyers discuss how much money an injured car accident can claim for pain and suffering damages. Generally speaking a pain and suffering claim is limited to approximately $350,000. In addition, the car accident injury must meet certain minimum thresholds set by the Insurance Act before pain and suffering damages will be awarded.

What Not to Say on Social Media

City News recently dropped into Zvulony & Co. to speak to Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony about some dangerous words that should probably be avoided when talking about someone on the internet.

Income Compensation for Accident Victims

Toronto Personal Injury presents a typical car accident victim’s scenario as it relates to compensation for lost work, wages and income.

Car Accident Benefits Explained

Toronto car accident lawyer explains the Car Accident Benefits entitlements that are available to car accident victims under Ontario law.

Criminal Harassment on Twitter

Toronto Internet Lawyer, Gil Zvulony spoke to Matt Galloway of CBC’s metro morning about a Toronto man who was charged by with criminal harassment for his alleged behaviour on Twitter.  Gil’s advice before you Tweet: “If you are not prepared to say directly to a person in a crowded room then don’t publish it on […]

Salé v. Barr

Salé v. Barr Between Jamie Salé and David Pelletier, plaintiff (defendants by counterclaim), and Stephen Barr, also known as Steve Barr, Barr Photography Inc., Stephen Barr carrying on business as National Professional Photography and Stephen Barr carrying on business as Barr Photography, defendants (plaintiffs by counterclaim) [2003] A.J. No. 595 Action No. 0303 02295 Alberta […]

Is it Defamatory to Publish that a Person Was Charged With a Crime?

Toronto Defamation Lawyer, Gil Zvulony discusses defamation law and how it applies to the reporting that someone was charged with a criminal offence.

What is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance means that regardless of fault, an accident victim – even a person who causes an accident – may have access to certain benefits from their own insurance company. The issue of fault remains relevant both with respect to a person’s insurance premiums, and the rights of others to sue an at-fault driver for damages.

Using Social Media in Court Against You

By Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers While insurance companies will often tell you that they are there for you when you need them most, the plain truth is that if you are involved in a car accident and sue the at-fault driver, an insurance company will nearly always step in to defend the claim.  In these […]