Articles about Private International Law

In the News – Online Obscenity

Toronto Internet Lawyer discussed the legality of posting the Luka Magnotta video on the Best Gore website with the national and international media. Mr. Zvulony took the position that the posting of the video violated Canada's obscenity laws.
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Winning Result: US$192 million American Judgment Recognized

A Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently ordered a former executive living in Ontario, to pay more than $200 million US dollars to aggrieved investors. The judgment is believed to be the highest ever awarded by a Canadian court. "To my knowledge, a judicial award of this magnitude is unprecedented in Canada", said commercial litigator Gil Zvulony, the Toronto lawyer representing the investors. "The interest alone is almost $30,000 per day".
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Seizure of Intellectual Property to Enforce A Judgment

This discussion will not focus on royalties received from intellectual property, presumably these can be seized by garnishment. The discussion will focus on the seizure of the intellectual property itself.