Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony was recently quoted by Global News.  He discussed some of the practical difficulties that victims of online defamation have in getting legal recourse.

He was quoted as saying “[Victims] can pursue it in civil court without question. The practical difficulties for that are sometimes these postings are made anonymously and it’s very expensive to find out who is behind it”.

Defamation victims  do have some relatively inexpensive options.

The full article can be found here: Online defamation cases often unrealistic for Canadians: Expert

Toronto defamation lawyer Gil Zvulony was a guest on CBC radio stations across Canada.  He discussed the various challenges people may face in having negative search engine results removed.  Specifically he discussed how US law differs from Canadian law, in that US law grants search engines immunity from liability for defamation, in most cases.

He also addressed some practical ways to get search engine results cleaned up, such as shutting down the underlying websites, suing the poster, and by combating the “bad speech” with “good speech”, using  tools as social media.

Toronto defamation lawyer Gil Zvulony was quoted by several media outlets with respect to the Rob Ford and Sara Thomson dispute.  He was asked whether some of the public comments crossed into defamation territory.  You can read a National Post article here and a Global News clip here.

Gil Zvulony spoke about how, in defamation lawsuits in Canada, the falsity of the statement is presumed.  If someone is going to defend a defamation lawsuit based on truth then the onus is on them to prove the truth.

Therefore if Ford wanted to sue Thomson for publishing the statement that he groped her/sexually assaulted her, then Thomson would have to prove that it actually happened.

On November 13, 2012 Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony appeared on CFRB 1010 and spoke with Jim Richards regarding the trial of Foulidis v Ford.  Mr. Zvulony spoke about what each side would have to prove in order to win his case.  Gil Zvulony discussed some intricacies of libel law in Ontario with specific emphasis on the defence of fair comment.