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Defamation Law, Strategic Lawsuits, and Politics

Toronto Defamation lawyer Gil Zvulony spoke recently with the CBC about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s threat of defamation proceedings against opposition leader Andrew Scheer. Mr. Zvulony thought that Trudeau’s faced an uphill battle in court and any lawsuit in Ontario would likely get dismissed under Ontario’s anti-Gag Proceedings law.


Winning Result in the Court of Appeal

Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony successfully represented Ben Rabidoux, a defendant in the Ontario Court of Appeal, in a precedent setting case that was one of the first to test Ontario’s anti-SLAPP legislation (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) in the courts.

Defamation in the Workplace

What are the legal repercussions when someone is the subject of a false and damaging statement in the workplace. Are there any special considerations that apply to the workplace?

Suing Twitter for Defamation

Toronto Defamation Lawyer Gil Zvulony discussed some of the legal issues in suing Twitter with Canadian Lawyer Magazine.  Gil Zvulony highlighted some of the uncertainties in the law as it relates to the liability of internet intermediaries such as Twitter.

The Importance of a Well Drafted Termination Clause

Wood v. Deeley: Ontario Court of Appeal Refuses to Enforce Poorly Drafted Termination Clause By Toronto Employment Lawyer, Karen Zvulony An employment agreement, which contains a well drafted and statutorily compliant termination clause can be a useful tool for employers to limit their liability in the event of a termination without cause. The recent Ontario […]